White Ribbon eLearning Course


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The White Ribbon Australia eLearning course provides an understanding of gendered violence, how common it is in Australia and the significant health impacts this type of violence and abuse has on women and children.


The course gives practical information to help speak up and take action by exploring the role we can all play in reducing and preventing violence against women in our community and within the workplace.

  • What is Violence Against Women?
  • Types of violence and abuse
  • The drivers of violence against women
  • Understanding the role we can all play
  • Responding to violence against women in the workplace


Any questions or queries regarding this eLearning course, contact the White Ribbon Australia Workplaces team: workplaces@whiteribbon.org.au


Instructions on how to select and access the eLearning, please view the How2Guide - Click here


For organisations undertaking White Ribbon Australia's Workplace Accreditation, this eLearning course meets Criterion 2.4 for Staff Training. Click on the links below to access.