Psychology (PBA)

PBA Approved Supervisors Full Training : Component 3 - Evaluation and Assessment

Price: $500.00 (Incl. GST)

In order to successfully complete CTI's PBA Approved Supervisor's Full Training Package, participants will be required to demonstrate a minimum level of competency in supervision by submitting a video recording of a real or simulated supervision session, a reflection paper and confidential feedback from the supervisee in the video recording.

Communicare Training Institute's team of experienced tutors will then assess these elements and provide each participant with a thorough written evaluation of their supervisory skills.


Full Supervisors Training 

The Communicare Training Institute's PBA Approved Full Supervisor's Training is a 3-part consecutive package designed to train the participant in competency-based supervision, that integrates reflective practice, to supervisees involved in pathways to generalist registration, higher degree and registrar (endorsement) programs. 


PBA Package

The 3 components of the Full Supervisor's Training package involve:

Component 1: A comprehensive knowledge-based eLearning course,

Component 2:  A skills-based workshop and;

Component 3:  Evaluation and assessment

At the conclusion of CTI's PBA Approved Supervisor's Full Training Package, participants will have a holistic understanding of and the skills in competency-based supervision that intergrates reflective practice, effectively preparing them for the role of a Board approved supervisor. Successful completion of each preceding component is a pre-requisite to proceeding onto the next.


Course Outline

Online Submission of Assessment includes

  • Video recording of a real or simulated supervision session 
  •  Reflection paper 

Assesor feedback 

Marking schedule highlighting key competency areas; supervisory skill strengths and areas required for continued development



Participant MUST complete and submit their evaluation and assessment items no later than 6 months from the date of attending Competency 2: Skills Based Workshop.


Pre requisite

PBA Approved Supervisor’s Training Component 1: Knowledge (eLearning Course)

PBA Approved Supervisor’s Training Component 2: Skills based training course 



  • Assesor experiecned in Board approved supervision assessment 
  •  Certficate 
  • Information on how to apply to be a Board approved supervisor 


Available Course Package

PBA Approved Supervisors Full Training: Components 1-3 All Inclusive Package $1250.00 (Inc GST) Saving $130.00