Psychology (PsyBA)

PsyBA Approved Full Supervisors Training : Component 2 - Skills Based Workshop

Price: $800.00 (Incl. GST)

This interactive component aims to deliver participants experiential learning opportunities in competency based supervision. The workshop will build upon the theory and knowledge learnt in the online course by providing participants with exercises, activities and group work to understand and practice essential supervision skills.


This course attracts 14 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points.


Full Supervisors Training 

Communicare Inc RTO PsyBA Approved Full Supervisor's Training is a 3-part consecutive package designed to train the particpant in competency-based supervision, that intergrates reflective practice, to supervisees involved in pathways to generalist registration, higher degree and registrar (endorsement) programs.


PsyBA Package

The 3 components of the Full Supervisor's Training package involve:

Component 1:  A comprehensive knowledge-based eLearning course,

Component 2:  A skills based workshop and;

Component 3:  Evaluation and assessment


At the conclusion of Communicare Inc RTO PsyBA Approved Supervisor's Full Training package, participants will have a holistic understanding of and the skills in competency-based supervision that intergrates reflective practice, effectively preparing them for the role of a Board approved supervisor. Successful completion of each preceding component is a pre-requisite onto the next.


Course Outline 

Component 2:  A skills based workshop

Day One

Session 1: Understanding Competency based supervision

Session 2: Competency Based Supervision – Informal Supervisory Skills

Session 3: Working with Intermediate and experienced supervisees, Reflective practice

Session 4: Written Assessments


Day Two

Session 1: Overview of supervisor requirements across the pathways

Session 2: Supervisory relationship, talking about evaluation

Session 3: Multi – cultural competency

Session 4: Reflective Practice



2 day workshop (9.00am - 5.00pm)



PsyBA Approved Supervisor's Training Component 1: Knowledge (eLearning Course)

*Please note, the prerequisite eLearning course is required to be completed 5 business days prior to the first workshop day.



  • Trainer experienced in Board approved supervision 
  • Certficate 
  • 14 CPD Points 
  • Lunch and Refreshments


Available Course Package

PsyBA Approved Supervisors Full Training: Components 1-3 All Inclusive Package $1450.00 (Inc GST)