Communication and Personal Development - Packages


Communication is an important skill to develop, no matter the role or level within your organisation. Becoming a skilled communicator with different levels of relationships, whether within your organisation’s community or with external stakeholders, requires learning and practice. Communication in today’s workplace demands clearly expressing ideas and sharing information with different audiences, whilst handling the rapid flow of information and thinking with clarity all at the same time.


Your personal development is very important in a constantly changing work environment. Empowering yourself by building upon your existing knowledge and learning new skills, to grow your capabilities in being an effective team member or leader. By focusing on developing your talents and potential, this can improve on your employability prospects, enabling both professional and personal goals to be achieved.


Our eLearning Communication and Personal Development courses cover some of the following key areas:


Effective Communication

Business writing skills

Listening skills and body language

Running effective training and delivering presentations

Business Etiquette and time management

Developing resilience and understanding behavioural styles

Problem solving and Conflict resolution



If you have a desire to grow your business skills and knowledge, or looking to improve your employability skills and capabilities, these Communication and Personal Development courses will be of benefit to you.